Brand Story 360 is a female-run consultancy that believes firmly in the diversity of backgrounds, thoughts and opinions. We understand the power and possibilities of working with business leaders during formative times for their companies. As a consultancy positioned to inform, empower and inspire, we seek to “do good by and for our clients and the world,” leveraging the power of storytelling and technology to do so. 

About the Founder


Cydney (Goldberg) Familian is a seasoned marketing, branding, and communication executive with more than 18 years of experience. Cydney capitalized on her expertise in founding Brand Story 360, a consultancy focused on helping companies grow their brands and hone their business strategies. Clients have included Comcast, NBCUniversal, Cisco, Braze (formerly Appboy), a Fortune Global 500 biotech, and several startups. She also serves as a mentor at Galvanize, advising entrepreneurs on their brand challenges.

Prior to founding Brand Story 360, Cydney served as an executive NBCUniversal, where she most recently was responsible for the media company's global technology brand across TV, film and theme parks. With an eye on STEM, Cydney conceived of the idea and played a pivotal role in activating Pi Day globally across more than 45 Comcast NBCUniversal brands. She also helped launch Comcast NBCUniversal TECHWomen, an organization focused on connecting and supporting female technology talent. In 2013, New York City recognized Cydney as one of the top mentors for high school students.